How do we do this?

Applying traditional cold techniques or the most modern techniques such as induction bending, to achieve our main goal, the satisfaction of our customers and therefore, quality is one of our biggest priorities, that together with our high level of experience in different sectors such as construction, pneumatic and vertical transport, railways, structures and architecture and engineering, among others, has allowed us to constantly innovate our production processes to meet the most demanding requirements, all with the quality certified by the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
On a technical level, our capacities are as follows:

  • PLATES up to 200 mm thick
  • BEAMS, IPN, HEB up to 1000 mm in horizontal or vertical
  • COLD TUBES up to diameter 1420 mm
  • HOT TUBES up to diameter 813 mm
  • FLAT BARS up to 600 x 300 mm
  • ALUMINIUM PROFILES in all shapes and measurements
  • PILLAR LININGS up to 6000 mm high

We also have spot delivery standard products:



Elbows to weld at 90º and 180º in bedframe tube of 20 to 60 mm for locksmithing, with straight section that makes it easier to assemble.



Elbows in stainless steel at 90º for transport of liquid or decoration. Diameters from 60 to 323 mm.

You can get more information in the catalogue download area of this website. If you are looking for quality in cold or induction bending, please do not hesitate to contact us, and discover how we do it!

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