Lyceé Emile Combes

Lycée Emile Combes Lycée Emile Combes

30 October 2014

Roig Curvado de Perfiles, S.A. is collaborating with French structural companies in the construction of structural profiles for the Lycée Professionnel Emile Combes, located in Bègles Cedez ( France ) and designed by the firm of architects, Emmanuel Nebout de Montpellier.

For this construction work, Roig S.A. bends a great variety of structural profiles in their workshops located in Mataró, such as IPE 400 and 200 beams, or steel rectangular tubes, angles and beams for the French companies in charge of the metallic section of the building.

If you have a bending need, however difficult, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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